Creator’s Image

In Kannada, one of the regional languages of India, we have an old phrase: Manasemba Markata. It means ‘a monkey known as mind.’ The titular story of my short story collection ‘Creator’s Image’ is about the age-old conspiracy between the philosophy of the Advaita aphorism ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (meaning ‘I am god) and the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin.

Creator’s Image

But don’t be deceived by the titular story. Each story in Creator’s Image is different, asking you questions you would not have asked yourselves. If this interests you, if you want to read and review it, and be part of my book tours (YouTubers, BookTubers, instagrammers, bloggers, podcasters and radio jockeys/hosts) please fill the form in the link given below and I will reach out to you.

Link to the form:

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