Charmadi Ghat Trek: Eri Kallu to Ermayi

When I opened my eyes on the morning of 4th of July, we were still in our vehicle parked outside a hotel in Charmadi. When I turned to my right, I saw Lavanya trying to wake up. She was the first person I spoke to when I reached the pick-up point on previous night at … Continue reading Charmadi Ghat Trek: Eri Kallu to Ermayi

Ladakh: A Prologue

We were scheduled to leave from Bangalore by evening of 21st Jan 2015 for New Delhi from where we were to board a flight to Leh in the early hours next day. We were mighty excited to go on the fabulous Chadar trek – the frozen river trek – famed internationally. This trip was organized … Continue reading Ladakh: A Prologue


If you have attended any Indian wedding, you would have seen either an artificial waterfall or water fountain at the entrance of the wedding hall to welcome guests. In the same way, Kodaikanal welcomes you with Silver Cascade waterfalls. Not much to see around it; you can’t go in and play either. You simply have … Continue reading Kodaikanal