The Curious Request of the Two Girls

It has been seven years since I passed out from SRM University. That was my first time staying away from my family for over three days. But I was not the homesick person and still am not. I enjoyed my time away from my family, learning to live on my own, although it was in … Continue reading The Curious Request of the Two Girls

Said and Unsaid (Creator’s Image by Shwetha H S)

Would you stay in a relationship that hurts your ego right at the beginning of it? This is what one of the short stories, Said and Unsaid, from my short story collection Creator's Image is. Said and Unsaid If this interests you and if you wish to be part of my book tour, check out … Continue reading Said and Unsaid (Creator’s Image by Shwetha H S)

Creator’s Image

In Kannada, one of the regional languages of India, we have an old phrase: Manasemba Markata. It means 'a monkey known as mind.' The titular story of my short story collection 'Creator's Image' is about the age-old conspiracy between the philosophy of the Advaita aphorism 'Aham Brahmasmi' (meaning 'I am god) and the theory of … Continue reading Creator’s Image

A Poisonous Serpent

About a few years ago on one pleasant evening in autumn, I walked the streets of Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru, in search of my family's favourite street hawker selling the usual onion bajji, aloo bonda, and chilli bajji. He was not in his regular spot. So, I had to go to option B. With a count of … Continue reading A Poisonous Serpent

Is It Wrong To Be Proud Of Kannada And Karnataka?

A few months ago a video of a farmer singing a Justin Bieber song surfaced on the internet and went viral. The farmer is an Indian and from the state of Karnataka. How do I know? The person shooting the video and the farmer speak in Kannada with each other before the latter starts to … Continue reading Is It Wrong To Be Proud Of Kannada And Karnataka?

What Is A Man?

Thousands of years ago man made fire, invented wheel, cultivated lands into farms and sort of got civilized. I just cannot believe that a man only did all these things. Because, he cannot do anything at home now. If man did all this, he is better off being a neanderthal compared to the current version. … Continue reading What Is A Man?