Creator’s Image

In Kannada, one of the regional languages of India, we have an old phrase: Manasemba Markata. It means 'a monkey known as mind.' The titular story of my short story collection 'Creator's Image' is about the age-old conspiracy between the philosophy of the Advaita aphorism 'Aham Brahmasmi' (meaning 'I am god) and the theory of … Continue reading Creator’s Image

My Workout. My Mind.

I have never been one of those people who make new year resolutions. But in Dec 2019, I caught myself making not one, but seven for the year 2020. Eat healthy food (have always been eating healthy, but want to concentrate on micro nutrients too this year) Keep the house cleaner (a joint effort by … Continue reading My Workout. My Mind.

An excerpt from my first short story: Creator’s Image

....When Mind woke up from its slumber, its favorite marble looked the same. Thinking that the life forms would not have utilized much of their gift, Mind peered down on the marble only to be startled. Some life forms were same as before and some had changed beyond recognition! They had even multiplied! With each … Continue reading An excerpt from my first short story: Creator’s Image