Day 4 of Lockdown

Argh! The day was slow. Or it was slowed down by unnecessary calls. SLOW DOWN. SHUTDOWN. LOCKDOWN! Okay. I will try to get ore work done tomorrow. Since, it is a Sunday, can concentrate only on personal work. But on this slow day too, I could stick to my plan. Buhuhahaha! Today was a rest … Continue reading Day 4 of Lockdown

Day 3 of Lockdown

I attended a very good virtual internal training session about process designing today. It met my expectations so well that I completed a project business case during the session using the information shared. I now have to only refine it and send it across to be review. And here's the update of today as per … Continue reading Day 3 of Lockdown

Day 2 of Lockdown

Today was a great day. I got a lot of pending works completed. It makes me feel good about myself. Hopefully, tomorrow would be an even fulfilling day. Coming to the lockdown plan, here's what I did accordingly today: Workout From Home: Today, I can share the tracking of my workout with you. Ignore the … Continue reading Day 2 of Lockdown