Days of Audacity

Missing all the insanity And day-to-day profanity Boisterous walk got faulty While saluting the gravity Cursing ideas of chastity Never mind the levity Slang, sling and insecurity Overestimation of ability Acceptance of abnormality Trying to be hasty Ending up being rusty Buying all that's musty Wondering what's celerity? Make a roll of reality.

Kiln of Betrayal

With the perturbed wind Of the raven night Hatred on its paws Sorrows to the right Traded trust for stealth Traded caress for despise Love is sold for a dagger And a dime for The Evil's praise Suspect the kinship As deceit's on prowl Out are the cowards Betrayed by brethren who howl Avenged are … Continue reading Kiln of Betrayal


Disturbing thoughts of the raging nightmares Whispered in ears and screamed into minds Where the narcissists succumbed to each other When the impeccable cursed in return When gory eclipsed the glory Lost in the thoughts of the raging nightmares Pseudo future and falsified truth Where effigies ran for their lives When the kingdom of dreams … Continue reading Incubus