Is There Nothing Else To Make One Vengeful?

Caution/Warning: Trigger words I came across the movie Saani Kaayidham. Apart from it having a few scenes with good picturization, it is extremely disturbing. I don't want to get into the story of the movie. But have one universal question? Why target women to get back at men? If the way of toxic masculinity is … Continue reading Is There Nothing Else To Make One Vengeful?

Brain Stroll After Watching K.G.F. Chapter 2

I will not discuss the physics and logic-defying action sequences in K.G.F. Chapter 2 (they are overdone in all action movies). That is the last thing on my mind about this movie. But, I do have a question? We gawk at similar sequences in Chinese martial arts movies, but why question Indian movies? I believe … Continue reading Brain Stroll After Watching K.G.F. Chapter 2

Day 33 of Lockdown

It was a productive Sunday. I finished two long pending personal tasks. One is to plot for a novelette and another to write a short story. I did both workout sessions today. It was necessary after eating so much of garlic butter prawn curry yesterday.   As I had mentioned in yesterday's blog, I had … Continue reading Day 33 of Lockdown

Day 32 of Lockdown

My whole day went in listening to a lecture. So, that's there. I didn't exercise today. The lecture started pretty early. I prepared Garlic Butter Prawns Curry today. It was yummy. I prepared it for both breakfast and lunch, but I after eating some for breakfast, I kept the remaining for tomorrow, because it was … Continue reading Day 32 of Lockdown

Day 31 of Lockdown

The day was okay. Like really okay. I didn't give a damn about anything. Two workout sessions.   Today I prepared Seeme Badanekai (Chow Chow) Fry. It was lip-smacking delicious. Left me wondering why I had not prepared this all these years of my life! I mean, I had eaten it as sambar or palya, … Continue reading Day 31 of Lockdown

Day 26, 27 and 28 of Lockdown

I went missing for two days. I wasn't keeping well. Thankfully, it wasn't anything related to COVID. Something that I ate didn't go well with me. Will tell you as and when I give my 3-day update, including today's. I did both workouts on Day 26, no workout on Day 27 due to stomach upset … Continue reading Day 26, 27 and 28 of Lockdown