Day 12 of Lockdown

I wasted my whole day. That's it. Juliet is about to realize that she loves Dawsey! Ghee smeared rotis with dry channa masala for breakfast and lunch. Milk for dinner. Movie of the day was Gnomeo & Juliet. But unlike Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, this animation movie has happy ending.   Didn't get … Continue reading Day 12 of Lockdown

Day 11 of Lockdown

I got a few pending works done, but they were major ones. Today was a rest day for abs workout, so it was only for arms.   Remy is coming to Guernsey. So, that's there. Movie of the day was La Plan├Ęte sauvage (Fantastic Planet), a French movie whose sub-titles I didn't get. So, I … Continue reading Day 11 of Lockdown

Day 9 of Lockdown

I haven't got anything done today. Don't ask why. I am keeping myself calm and hoping tomorrow will be a better day. There were both workouts today.   Guernsey Guernsey Guernsey Movie of the day was The Little Mermaid. I had never watched this movie, but used to watch the series on television when I … Continue reading Day 9 of Lockdown

Day 8 of Lockdown

Today's the day I beat procrastination and silly excuses for not getting certain self-assigned tasks done. I am making progress. Yay! Today was a rest day for arms. So, only abs workout again.   Still in Guernsey. Today's movie compensated for yesterday's. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. Good one! I had not watched it before.   … Continue reading Day 8 of Lockdown

Day 7 of Lockdown

Today was a good day. Completed few more pending works. Also started working on something I was procrastinating for quite a long time now. Apart from that, here are today's updates. Back to both workouts. It was a fruitful session. Summer's souring temperature is helping in sweating more. I still don't know how these apps … Continue reading Day 7 of Lockdown

Day 6 of Lockdown

Closed a few pending works (non recurring) today. But one small project that has been in the pipeline for a long time now, was on the verge of closure but got stuck due to information pending from another stakeholder. Happens all the time. Today was a rest day for abs workout. So, it was only … Continue reading Day 6 of Lockdown

Day 4 of Lockdown

Argh! The day was slow. Or it was slowed down by unnecessary calls. SLOW DOWN. SHUTDOWN. LOCKDOWN! Okay. I will try to get ore work done tomorrow. Since, it is a Sunday, can concentrate only on personal work. But on this slow day too, I could stick to my plan. Buhuhahaha! Today was a rest … Continue reading Day 4 of Lockdown

Day 3 of Lockdown

I attended a very good virtual internal training session about process designing today. It met my expectations so well that I completed a project business case during the session using the information shared. I now have to only refine it and send it across to be review. And here's the update of today as per … Continue reading Day 3 of Lockdown