The Curious Request of the Two Girls

It has been seven years since I passed out from SRM University. That was my first time staying away from my family for over three days. But I was not the homesick person and still am not. I enjoyed my time away from my family, learning to live on my own, although it was in … Continue reading The Curious Request of the Two Girls

Said and Unsaid (Creator’s Image by Shwetha H S)

Would you stay in a relationship that hurts your ego right at the beginning of it? This is what one of the short stories, Said and Unsaid, from my short story collection Creator's Image is. Said and Unsaid If this interests you and if you wish to be part of my book tour, check out … Continue reading Said and Unsaid (Creator’s Image by Shwetha H S)

Day 33 of Lockdown

It was a productive Sunday. I finished two long pending personal tasks. One is to plot for a novelette and another to write a short story. I did both workout sessions today. It was necessary after eating so much of garlic butter prawn curry yesterday.   As I had mentioned in yesterday's blog, I had … Continue reading Day 33 of Lockdown

Day 32 of Lockdown

My whole day went in listening to a lecture. So, that's there. I didn't exercise today. The lecture started pretty early. I prepared Garlic Butter Prawns Curry today. It was yummy. I prepared it for both breakfast and lunch, but I after eating some for breakfast, I kept the remaining for tomorrow, because it was … Continue reading Day 32 of Lockdown

Day 31 of Lockdown

The day was okay. Like really okay. I didn't give a damn about anything. Two workout sessions.   Today I prepared Seeme Badanekai (Chow Chow) Fry. It was lip-smacking delicious. Left me wondering why I had not prepared this all these years of my life! I mean, I had eaten it as sambar or palya, … Continue reading Day 31 of Lockdown