After watching the movie Beethoven, the one that includes a St. Bernard dog, a small girl jumped around the house saying she too would write stories. Everyone thought she is just being a kid. But it took the girl a good twenty years to realise that her momentary excitement has turned into her dream and she is on her way to make it true. That girl is me, Shwetha H S.

I am writer and a food technologist. I am a trekker. Most of all, I am a reader and an ambivert. I have been told that I look like a no-nonsense person. I am that actually. I can’t go out making fool out of myself in front of everyone, can I? I can, but I won’t. It is reserved only for the people nearest and dearest to me and they are in extremely small numbers.

My works have appeared not only on my blog but also in other magazines and journals. You will find links to them in my blog. Feel free to navigate. Of course, you will! That’s why you are here!

2 thoughts on “About

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