Day 34 of Lockdown

Let’s just say I had too much on my list and this major task was to go stand in line in front of the supermarket, maintaining social distance, waiting for my turn to get in and grab my necessities and get out. That took three times more time than usual. So, I am entitled to crib about it, though I go out once a fortnight.

  • Both 7 minutes and PopSugar workout sessions done.


  • Till date, during lockdown, I have prepared two of my own recipes. And I decided to name them so that I can call them mine. One of them is Potato-Soya-Capsicum Lockdown Salad. Recipe is at the end of this post.
    Potato Soya Capsicum Lockdown Salad

    Potato Soya Capsicum Lockdown Salad


  • I have lost track on Dorian.
  • I didn’t write anything apart from the blog.
  • I wanted something good to watch. So, I went back to an old favourite, Googly, a Kannada movie.



  • Day called for Chamomile tea. As usual, two cups.

Recipe of potato-soya-capsicum lockdown salad: Peel and chop potatoes into small cubes for better cooking. Don’t pressure cook or boil them. Heat refined sunflower oil in a pan for sauteing and add the potato cubes into it. Simmer, sprinkle salt a bit, saute and cover it with lid. Take soya chunks in another pan. If you had soaked it overnight, then good. If not, don’t despair. Add water to the soya chunks and boil them. Once the froth rises, simmer it. Remove the lid from potato cubes and saute them to cover the lid again. Deseed capsicum and slice them thin and long. Turn off the fire from the soya chunks, drain the water and squeeze them to remove the water they would have absorbed. Cut them too into small slices. Add soya chunks to the pan with potato cubes that would have by now started looking like french fries. Saute for a minute and cover the lid to cook. after 3 minutes, add capsicum slices into the pan, add pasta seasoning as much as your taste preference, saute and cover the lid. Don’t cook until capsicum becomes mushy. Let it retain a bit of its crunchiness. Remove the lid, sprinkle salt as per your taste preference (remember you would have already added salt to potato cubes and pasta seasoning too has salt) and saute. Potato-Soya-Capsicum Lockdown Salad is ready to eat.

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