Day 31 of Lockdown

The day was okay. Like really okay. I didn’t give a damn about anything.

  • Two workout sessions.


  • Today I prepared Seeme Badanekai (Chow Chow) Fry. It was lip-smacking delicious. Left me wondering why I had not prepared this all these years of my life! I mean, I had eaten it as sambar or palya, but FRY is god-given! Recipe is at the end of this post.
    Seeme Badanekai Fry

    Seeme Badanekai Fry


  • I didn’t read.
  • I didn’t write either.
  • But I watched this rib-tickling movie called Shaun the Sheep. Do watch it without fail.
    Shaun the Sheep

    Shaun the Sheep


  • I drank Kashmiri Kahwa and Recover today.

Recipe of seeme badanekai fry: Wash and peel seeme badanekai (chow chow). Chop them into cubes. Heat two tablespoons of refined sunflower oil in a pan. Once heated, transfer all cubes of seeme badanekai into the pan, sprinkle salt as per your taste preference. After sauteing for a minute, cover the pan with a lid, turn the flame to simmer and let it cook well. No need to add extra water. Remove the lid after 5 minutes and saute. Again cover the lid and let it cook for 5 more minutes. When you open the lid, you get the aroma of slightly roasted cubes. It is a good thing. You should even be able to see slight browning of the cubes due to roasting. Make space in the middle and add red chilli powder as per your taste preference. Saute the powder for a few seconds and saute it along with the seeme badanekai cubes. After mixing well, Seeme Badanekai Fry is ready to eat. You can eat it with roti or just it.

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