Day 29 of Lockdown

It was a day that I expected to go bad but turned out to be good! I think even my own bad vibes don’t affect me. Well, something to hope for!

  • Two workout sessions done.


  • I prepared Ennegai to go with rotis, but I also prepared Sabudana Chiwda to munch on something in the evenings. Recipe of Ennegai is at the end of this post but I followed Tarla Dalal’s recipe to prepare Sabudana Chiwda.


  • Dorian Gray is taking his friends to show the girl, an actress, he has fallen in love with.
  • I wrote a flash fiction called “The Assistant” but I am not happy with it.
  • I watched another Pooh bear movie.

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • Tea of the day was green tea.

Recipe of ennegai: Soak tamarind in water. Roast peanuts and set them aside to cool down. Roast a channa dal and transfer it into the mixer jar. Into the jar, add dried red chillies, some more red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds and salt to grind to make coarse powder. Without removing the stalk of the small round purple brinjals, cut them vertically. Stuff the cut gaps with the ground powder. Heat refined sunflower oil in a pan enough to shallow fry. Fry the stuffed brinjals well. Remove them from the pan. Now add the roasted peanuts, after peeling, into the mixer jar with the ground powder, grind for 15 seconds, turn off and keep the powder aside. In the same jar, grind tomatoes, ginger and garlic to a fine paste. From the pan, remove excess oil for the time being and heat to add mustard seeds to splutter. Then add curry leaves and follow it with the tomato-ginger-garlic paste. Once the raw smell is gone after sauteing, add the coarse powder to the pan and saute. It will absorb all the oil. So, add more oil to the pan as and when it gets absorbed. Once the oil level is stabilized, add filtered tamarind pulp to the pan and stir well to cook it. After a minute, add the fried stuffed brinjals back to the pan and cover it with the lid to cook and absorb the flavours. Open the lid and try not to stir too fast. Otherwise brinjals will get mashed. If you think oil is absorbed again, then you can add some more oil, stir gently and serve with rotis to eat.

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