Day 20 and 21 of Lockdown

My sincere apologies for not posting yesterday. I started having anxiety attacks and I just needed to calm down and not do anything else. I feel a bit better today, though I am on the verge of getting them again. Writing this blog helps me keep calm and so I am back to you with updates of both yesterday and today.

  • As I realised the 7 minutes workout session is not going to work for me, I have added a separate 30-minute workout to my intention of fitness. I am following PopSugar Fitness on YouTube. You can follow whichever you like. Mine is doing wonders to me in only two days. 


  • As I have informed you in the last post, when I got to know the lockdown is extending, I just didn’t want to eat the usual quantity for just sitting at my desk the whole day. So, I went minimalist on my food but with nutrition in my mind, that is by trying and avoiding preparation of rotis and eating the vegetables as much as I need. Yesterday I had fish cutlets ordered from FreshToHome. I had heard about their awesome delivery service from a friend and wanted to give them a try. I must say their service was prompt though delayed due to certain restriction in place for the movement of people. I had ordered Mixed Fish Cutlets and Tuna Cutlets. They didn’t disappoint me. As they were not exactly prepared by me, I won’t be sharing their recipes. Today I had prepared rajma masala, but forgot to take pictures. But you can find the recipe at the end of this post. 


  • I couldn’t read anything yesterday and today. Couldn’t work around the anxiety attacks.
  • I watched a truly awesome movie yesterday. Old Dogs. I watched it without any expectations and it didn’t disappoint me. Comic timing was excellent. I don’t remember when I had wholeheartedly laughed at anything. It provided a great relief to me from my anxieties before they kicked in again this morning. Today’s movie was The Illusionist (L’Illusionniste), a French-British animation movie. I liked its animation with very less dialogues.
    Old Dogs

    Old Dogs

    The Illusionist (L'Illusionniste)

    The Illusionist (L’Illusionniste)


  • I didn’t write anything yesterday. I tried writing today, but couldn’t concentrate on the storyline and all the focus became fruitful only when my mind had become heavy and I managed to write only a few paragraphs.
  • Chamomile tea yesterday and ginger tea today.

Recipe of rajma masala: I never followed the authentic rajma masala recipe and I prepare as per my preference. I never bothered to look up the actual recipe because I am happy with the taste my recipe gives. So, here is my recipe. Soak rajma overnight. Pressure cook the drained rajma in the morning for 6-7 whistles. Let the pressure release from the cooker. By then grind tomato, onion, red chilli powder, coriander powder, ginger paste and turmeric into a thick paste. Heat refined sunflower oil in a pan. Once heated, add cumin seeds, bay leaf, clove, cardamom and a small piece of cinnamon to the oil. Add the ground thick paste into the pan and saute until the raw smell is gone. Once cooked, add the pressure cooked rajma without draining the stock of it. Cover with a lid and let them whole mixture cook and retain their flavours. This needs more time than my other recipes. So, give it about 10 minutes on simmer. After 10 minutes, remove the lid, give the rajma masala a stir and you can eat it with rice or roti. I just ate it as it is, stand-alone.

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