Day 19 of Lockdown

Today, I made up my mind that I will not bother about office work on Sunday as it is clearly not giving me my due credit for the job done.

  • I have started another workout challenge. That is only for 7 minutes per day. It is clearly not going to workout for me. So, I am thinking I will add high intensity dance workout from tomorrow into my schedule. It would be entertaining as well.
    7 Minutes Workout

    7 Minutes Workout


  • Breakfast and lunch was beetroot palya, and only that. Nothing to go with it. No roti because lockdown has extended up to the end of April 2020 and I don’t see the necessity of taking in any more calories than required only for sitting at my desk and working.
    Beetroot Palya

    Beetroot Palya


  • I think the first three characters in the book The Picture of Dorian Gray are all based on Oscar Wilde. Maybe not Lord Henry, but Basil and Dorian clearly act sissy and too gay.
  • Movie of the Day was Pinocchio. I wanted to watch the Disney version. I have never liked it, even as a child. Thought to give it a try. In the link of Disney version, some other Pinocchio version was available online. I tried watching it. But it is so DAMN BORING! So, I stopped watching it.



  • I didn’t write anything today. Will try to make up for it tomorrow.
  • Tea of the day was Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea by Vahdam, the one I can tolerate.

Recipe of beetroot palya: Wash and peel the beetroot. Then wash again and grate it. Add refined sunflower oil in a pan to heat on a stove. Once heated, add mustard seeds. When they start to sputter, add channa dal, curry leaves and chopped green chillies. Then add grated beetroot and salt as per your taste preference. Saute for a minute and cover with a lid on simmer. Beetroot will get cooked in its own moisture. Remove the lid after five minutes. Give it a stir and it is ready to eat with rotis or as side dish with rice and sambar.

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