Day 17 of Lockdown

It was a crazy morning. We out for grocery shopping and that itself became a arms workout session. So, today there is not workout as abs workout ended yesterday. I am taking two days rest from workouts.

  • There is so much of hype that Basil is creating about Dorian Gray that I am already disappointed with the book. I shall try and have faith in it until the end.
  • Ghee smeared rotis and junka for breakfast and lunch. The recipe I followed to prepare junka is here. The reason I am sharing someone else’s recipe link here is because I am not an expert in it and this is the only second time I prepared it myself. I have always been fascinated by this simple dish, ever since I ate it for the first time when I was about 12-13 years old.



  • Movie of the day was Aladdin. Now, this is one Disney movie I had watched completely in my childhood.



  • I wrote two short stories today! ‘Nodes of Life’ and ‘Abandonment.’ Both are totally fucked up stories in a horrifying way.
  • Tea of the day was Recover by Vahdam Teas that I am trying to finish as soon as possible because I didn’t like it but don’t want to throw it.

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