Day 14 of Lockdown

The day was extremely frustrating. Thanks to all the conference calls and video calls.

  • Two workout sessions, abs and arms, as usual. Have to think what to do when these two challenges get over.


  • I have started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. His one and only novel.
  • Breakfast was oats upma. Recipe is same as that of rava upma. Just replace rava with oats. Because I was so frustrated, I didn’t feel like eating anything else for the whole day.
    Oats Upma

    Oats Upma


  • Movie of the day was Friends with Money. It had hardly gone through 1/4th and the stopped playing. By then I was even more frustrated and just didn’t bother to find it online.
    Friends With Money

    Friends With Money


  • I wrote a story called Tick-Tock. It is not about the app. All I can tell you is it is about cannibalism.
  • Tea of the day was ginger tea.

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