Day 11 of Lockdown

I got a few pending works done, but they were major ones.

  • Today was a rest day for abs workout, so it was only for arms.


  • Remy is coming to Guernsey. So, that’s there.
  • Movie of the day was La Planète sauvage (Fantastic Planet), a French movie whose sub-titles I didn’t get. So, I tried watching it as it is as if I understand French, hoping I would understand at least from the expressions of the characters. But it turned out to be a Sci-Fi movie and everything went overboard. All I could understand was humans were pets to the aliens on some weird planet.
    La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)

    La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)


  • Breakfast and lunch today was Sabudhana Khichdi. Recipe is given at the end of this blog.
    Sabudhana Khichdi

    Sabudhana Khichdi


  • I wrote a flash fiction titled All Those Who.
  • Tea of the day was Samahan.

Recipe of Sabudhana Khichdi: Soak sago/sabudhana pearls in water until they swell completely. Meanwhile, peel and chop potatoes and boil them until cooked. Roast peanuts, peel them and grind along with green chillies. Usually these twi are added whole instead of grinding. But a friend of mine showed me that grinding these two ingredients gives better flavour. Heat refined sunflower oil in a pan. If you want, you can add mustard seeds or cumin seeds and curry leaves. I didn’t add to mine. Once the oil is heated, add the peanuts-green chillies paste to it and let it cook. Then add the boiled potatoes to the pan. If you want, you can mash them and add. To this, add soaked sago/sabudhana pearls. Add salt as per your taste preference. Mix well, simmer and cover the pan with a lid. The soaked pearls will get cooked in the water retained within them. After 3-4 minutes, remove the lid, mix well and eat.

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