Day 8 of Lockdown

Today’s the day I beat procrastination and silly excuses for not getting certain self-assigned tasks done. I am making progress. Yay!

  • Today was a rest day for arms. So, only abs workout again.


  • Still in Guernsey.
  • Today’s movie compensated for yesterday’s. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. Good one! I had not watched it before.
    Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

    Madagascar Escape 2 Africa


  • I prepared another favourite of mine, my style of aloo matar, for breakfast to go with rotis smeared with ghee. And ragi muddhe with bassaaru for lunch today. I forgot to take picture of my lunch. But breakfast is here! Recipe at the end of this blog.
    Aloo Matar

    Aloo Matar


  • For a change, apart from writing this blog, I typed a handwritten story from two years ago and saved a soft copy of it. I call the short story Twirling and Swooning.
  • Tea of the day was green tea.

Recipe of aloo matar: Cut peeled potatoes into cubes. Green peas are always better fresh for this. So, peel them too off their pods. In a pan, heat refined sunflower oil. Add cumin seeds, chopped green chillies and garam masala as per your taste preference. Once they are lightly fried, add the potato cubes and fresh green peas to the pan and saute. Add salt as per your taste preference and mix well. Add enough water for the potatoes to cook, simmer the fire and cover the pan with lid. Leave it till the water is absorbed/dried/evaporated. Give it a stir and then it is ready to eat with rotis.

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