Day 7 of Lockdown

Today was a good day. Completed few more pending works. Also started working on something I was procrastinating for quite a long time now. Apart from that, here are today’s updates.

  • Back to both workouts. It was a fruitful session. Summer’s souring temperature is helping in sweating more. I still don’t know how these apps calculate the number of exercises. Anyway, I don’t want to fret about that.


  • The more I read this book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, the more I detest its movie version.
  • Movie of the day was Yellow Submarine, based on the a song with the same title by Beatles. It has most of the song by Beatles. To me, the movie didn’t make any sense. Maybe it is meant for only the Beatles fans.
    Yellow Submarine

    Yellow Submarine


  • I have today’s food pictures with me. Rava upma for breakfast and ragi muddhe with bassaaru for lunch. Milk for dinner. Recipes at the end of this blog.


  • Only this blog to boast about today’s writing, eh?
  • Today’s beverage is ginger tea.


  • Rava upma: Take upma rava as much as you want to eat. If not already roasted by the manufacturer, then roast it in a dry pan until you get the pleasant aroma of roasted rava, but don’t brown them. Transfer them into a clean and dry plate. Now, to the same pan, add refined sunflower oil to heat. Once heated, add mustard seeds. As soon as the mustard seeds start to sputter, add chopped green chillies, peeled and curshed garlic cloves, and curry leaves for seasoning along with some channa dal. Usually people add chopped onion to upma, but I don’t like onions in my upma. Reason being the onions become mushy mushy after they are cooked in upma. Well, then add water twice the quantity of the rava you have taken. Pour it into the pan. Once the water is hot, slowly add roasted rava and stir simultaneously. If the water is insufficient and completely gets absorbed by rava, add some more water. Add salt as per your taste preference and stir again to mix salt equally and break any lumps. Close the pan with a lid and let it simmer. After 2-3 minutes, your rava upma is ready. I eat it with either ghee or curd generously added on the top.
  • Bassaaru: If you remember reading my post yesterday, I had set aside the stock of cooked ridge gourd and toor dal for today in refrigerator. Today’s bassaaru is prepared using that stock. Grind tomato and onion with red chilli power, turmeric powder and coriander power to a thick fine paste. Heat refined sunflower oil in a pan. Once heated, you can add mustard seeds for seasoning, but it is optional for bassaaru. If you are not adding mustard seeds, then directly add the ground fine paste to the pan and let it cook until the raw smell is gone. Once you get the cooked smell of the paste, transfer the stock to the pan and a pinch of salt because the stock already has salt. Let this mixture cook. Once you get the aroma of the stock and spices, bassaru is ready to eat with ragi muddhe.

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