Day 6 of Lockdown

Closed a few pending works (non recurring) today. But one small project that has been in the pipeline for a long time now, was on the verge of closure but got stuck due to information pending from another stakeholder. Happens all the time.

  • Today was a rest day for abs workout. So, it was only the arms that got tired.


  • I have reached the chapter in which more of Holocaust descriptions are given. None of which is there in the movie. The movie does zero justice to the book it is based on. Why can’t the production houses turn the story from the book into a series if they can’t fit the whole thing into a movie instead of screwing up the whole thing?
  • Movie of the day is Madagascar. I have watched it earlier, but I don’t remember anything. So, watched it again.



  • I accidentally deleted the pictures of today’s meals. But I can tell you what I prepared. I prepared rotis smeared with ghee and ridge gourd palya. The same for the lunch as well. Milk for dinner again.
  • Apart from this blog, I haven’t written anything else today. Yeah.
  • Two tumblers of chamomile tea again!

Ridge gourd recipe:
Wash and scrape/peel the hard ridges off the ridge gourd. Chop them to the size you prefer to eat. Put them into the pressure cooker along with the toor dal soaked overnight and drained. The quantities can be 1:4 ratio of toor dal and ridge gourd. Add drinking water just enough to submerge the ingredients in the cooker. Add a pinch of turmeric powder, a tablespoon of refined sunflower oil and salt as per your taste preference. Pressure cook up to three whistles. Heat a tablespoon of refiner sunflower oil in a pan. Once heated, add a teaspoon of mustard seeds to the pan. Once they start sputtering, add chopped green chillies as per your taste preference and peeled garlic cloves for seasoning. When they start browning, add only the pressure cooked ridge gourd and toor dal without adding the stock. Store the stock in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s recipe. Now, no need to add salt into the pan as you would have already added while pressure cooking. Just saute until the palya is dry just enough for you to eat with the rotis. Voila!

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