Day 5 of Lockdown

Since it is a Sunday, and now not much of a difference between other days and a Sunday, I am coming straight to the point.

  1. It is only until I begin the workout I feel lazy. Once I begin, I feel so energized!


  2. The book is definitely at least 70% different from the movie. Go Guernsey with the book, I say!
  3. I never expected an anime movie to be a thriller. Perfect Blue is a great watch! Totally blew my mind. I watched it without any expectations and I wasn’t even a bit disappointed. It makes you watch it sitting on the edge of the chair. Don’t watch with kids just because it is a cartoon movie.
    Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


  4. Avalakki chitranna or Poha for breakfast. Ragi muddhe and upsaaru for lunch. Recipes at the end of this blog.


  5. The highlight of the day is I wrote a 700+ worded flash fiction called Weed. It is not the weed people smoke. It is the actual meaning of the weed. Any guesses what the story might be about?
  6. I drank Samahan today. That’s it.

And the recipes are…

  1. Avalakki chitranna or poha: Chop onions and green chillies as much as you want but proportionate to the quantity of the beaten rice you want to eat. Into the bowl in which you have taken the beaten rice enough pour water enough to soak each and every flake and no excess water. Heat oil in a pan. Once heated, add mustard seeds. Once they start sputtering, transfer the chopped onions and green chillies into the pan. Fry them until onions start browning. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and garam masala (optional) as per taste preference. Once the spice powders are fried, transfer the soaked beaten rice flakes into the pan. Add salt as per taste preference and mix well while the stove is still on but on medium flame. Once mixed well and the flakes cooked, turn off the stove and eat to your heart’s content. Curd goes well with this.
  2. Upsaaru: So, I had the boiled stock from the pressure cooked sprouted green gram yesterday. You can either add a pinch of turmeric, oil and salt into the pressure cooker itself or you can add separately later to the stock. I added separately. In a small pan, I heated a spoon of oil, added a pinch of turmeric, transferred the stock to the pan and add salt as per taste preference. To this, you mix a red khara chutney (grind red chillies, corinader powder, jeera, pepper corns, tamarind and salt) and eat with ragi muddhe.

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