Day 3 of Lockdown

I attended a very good virtual internal training session about process designing today. It met my expectations so well that I completed a project business case during the session using the information shared. I now have to only refine it and send it across to be review.

And here’s the update of today as per the plan:

  1. I am unable to do much of arms exercises, but great on the abs set.
  2. I am still on the way to the island of Guernsey.
  3. As a kid, I never enjoyed watching Winnie the Pooh. It was too slow and “lame” for me back then. But watching it now, I get the subtle humour in it. Maybe, back then I was too lame to get it.
    Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh


  4. Today, I had prepared one of my favourite among rice based dishes, Vangibath, for breakfast. Some people also call it Brinjal Rice. It just satisfies my taste buds. If you are looking for the recipe, it is at the end of this blog post. For lunch, I finally finished the radish sambar with ragi muddhe.



  5. Hoping to be able to start a writing project tomorrow along with working on an existing, nagging project.
  6. Tea of the day was Samahan. Here’s the link to it. It was suggested to me by a colleague when I was suffering from cough and cold. I am indifferent towards its taste, and just drink anyway.

Now to the recipe of Vangibath, I am only giving you the mere procedure. I use Vangibath powder by MTR. You can buy whichever brand you like. In a pan, heat refined sunflower oil, quantity to be proportionate to your cooked white rice quantity. Once it is heated, add a teaspoon of mustard seeds to splutter. Then add long sliced green chillies and one tablespoon of channa dal. That takes care of the seasoning. Now add washed and chopped long green brinjals, quantity as per your preference. I like them more in the rice. Fry them until they start turning brown. Then add the Vangibath powder, quantity as per your preference, and stir well. Add cooked white rice to the pan, add salt as per your preference and mix well. Tastes awesome when eaten hot. If it is too dry for your preference, you can take some curd along with it.

I am feeling like preparing Vangibath again now!

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