Day 1 of Lockdown

Had a hectic day. Work from home is not a joke. Definitely not easy. There is so much to do and so less time! Well, keeping this blog to the point, here are the things I did from the original plan.

  1. I use two apps, one called Lose Belly Fat – Flat Stomach and another Arm Work to do workout from home. I find them very efficient in making me work. Of course, there should be will power always. I did approximately 40 minutes of workout today totally. But forgot to take a screenshot. And I can’t take it now. Will share tomorrow with tomorrow’s update.
  2. I am currently reading Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I am mid-way through the book and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Although I have watched the movie already, the book, as usual, is so much better. So much detail is left out from the movie. Will share the review once I am done reading it.
  3. The movie of the day was Frankenweenie, a Tim Burton movie. His movies are weird. For me, Frankenweenie is a one-time watch. Its duration is 1 hour 27 minutes. Yay! But leaves you meh! Only one dialogue that I liked is “Sometimes adults don’t know what they are talking about.” And the dog isn’t even the Frankenweenie.



  4. Dose/dosa with copra chutney powder was my breakfast. Ragi muddhe and radish sambar was my lunch. Milk for dinner. (Will add the recipes to this post by tomorrow)
    Copra chutney powder

    Copra chutney powder

    Dose or dosa with copra chutney powder

    Dose or dosa with copra chutney powder

    Dose or Dosa

    Dose or dosa

    Ragi muddhe with radish sambar

    Ragi muddhe with radish sambar

  5. I will be writing a lot in these twenty-one days. This blog will be part of it.
  6. I drank green tea!

Let’s see how Day 2 turns out! Btw, what did you do on Day 1?

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