Days of Love

In 2009, I sat inside Cauvery theatre in Bengaluru with my friend watching a movie that had released only two days ago. That movie was Love Aaj Kal. I don’t remember whether this movie was a hit or a flop. All I remember are its awesome music and the almost empty theatre in which we sat watching it. Including me and my friend, there were seven people inside the theatre totally.

Irrespective of the number of people there, we continued to watch Love Aaj Kal. Soon, our twenty-two-year-old selves realized that we were not able to relate to the story. In a particular scene in which Deepika Padukone on her honeymoon with Rahul Khanna (drool material) sitting on the bed, cross-legged, realizes that she is in love with Saif Ali Khan, and leaves Rahul Khanna and goes away immediately. As she went away, instead of Rahul Khanna it was I who was hitting my forehead, not even with my hand, but with my friend’s hand. Why? I couldn’t accept the idea of Deepika Padukone not having a clear idea about her marriage before she decided to marry Rahul Khanna. I mean, how can one be so clueless? Doesn’t she know herself better? How fickle-minded could she be?

It took me a few years – yes, I kinda grew up like that – to gather the idea of that movie, especially that scene. Relationships are not easy. They are totally fucked up if they are not for you and the other person in that relationship. You may be the personification of the word confidence’s superlative, but you cannot predict the life of a relationship, how it is going to be, unless you get your hands dirty in it. It took me so many years to understand that Love Aaj Kal was a really good movie about modern day relationships.

Now that Love Aaj Kal 2, with Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan, is about to release, I am very excited about it! The teasers, trailer and the songs are setting the bars of my expectations high. The reason being one particular scene in which Sara Ali Khan tells that Kartik Aryan is pestering her. Though it sounds like it must be a cute scene, but Sara looks really troubled in it. It means I can expect another good movie on modern day relationships.

Anyway, the thought of how much I have grown between these two movies, in all these days of love, with it and without it, makes me happy.

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