Are You Feeling Cold?

The other day, I was going back home from work, in a completely packed BMTC bus. To the people from Western countries, let me tell you this scene of jam-packed buses is an extremely common sight on the roads in India. So, I squeezed myself through the already suffocated crowd inside the bus and found myself a place to stand, with my laptop bag between my legs because there is no place for my poor bag above that level. Did I mention that the traffic in Bengaluru is pretty bad? Some people will not agree with me. They will say that Bengaluru traffic is the worst!

Well, now, I stood in a crowded bus that was stuck in traffic. I started looking around, that is the back of the heads and shoulders of the people forming a compressing circle around me. That’s when I noticed a white padded jacket. What is the big deal about it? It is January, winter in India. So, padded white jacket. Right? RIGHT? NO! It has been ages since Bengaluru saw the “cold” winters. In the past ten years at least, most of Bengalurians have not experienced the winter as it is supposed to be. Our sweaters and padded jackets have been rotting in the attics of not even our houses, but at our grandmas’ places. I had to go to the Himalayas to use them, to make them fulfill their life’s purpose at least once. So, my mind couldn’t accept the idea of a padded white jacket inside a crowded bus of Bengaluru.

And then, the wearer of that padded white jacket turned around in her place. Ah, not a native Bengalurian. She looked like someone from north India. Nothing bad about it. Bengaluru being the Silicon Valley of India, almost all the IT companies have a branch here. They attract IT workforce from all over India. So, this girl too must have come down to Bengaluru for the same reasons. But she didn’t bring her northern winters with her, did she? Could she? But only her padded white jacket tagged along. It is not her fault. In fact, it is not a fault at all. I think it is a mother’s love, illogical unaware love.

Mothers basically function with one fundamental mindset: If I am feeling something, my child too must be feeling the same. If the mother is feeling cold, the child too must be feeling cold, mustn’t it? Well, who is going to ask the child? Mother knows everything and mother knows better.

I guessed that the padded white jacket in Bengaluru must have come along with the daughter because the mother packed. It must have come out of its bag because the mother was feeling cold somewhere in the northern India and the daughter too must be feeling cold in Bengaluru. What do we know? Our textbooks too still say winters in India are from December to February. Little do people know that in February Bengaluru would be already evaporating while the north Indian region would be shivering.

If you are looking for a moral in this blog, can I just say that each person is unique and each person has different levels of tolerance towards the cold temperatures? There you go!

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