My Workout. My Mind.

I have never been one of those people who make new year resolutions. But in Dec 2019, I caught myself making not one, but seven for the year 2020.

  1. Eat healthy food (have always been eating healthy, but want to concentrate on micro nutrients too this year)
  2. Keep the house cleaner (a joint effort by my husband and me)
  3. Read at least 50 books (hopefully this year)
  4. Save money (very important)
  5. Take care of my health (a knee injury and insomnia due to hectic work taught me better)
  6. Workout every day (back to being myself)
  7. Write every day for an hour (enough of sitting on a bucket full of ideas)

But today, I won’t be talking about all these resolutions. I will be talking about only one. That is my resolution of workout. No, no. Not talking about which exercises I do, how many minutes of workout, how to do it, so and so. Nope. Today, I will be talking about what goes on my mind while working out. Definitely not counting the sets.

I love doing Jumping Jacks. Duh! Jumping Jacks are a form of workout that everyone says are difficult but for me they are fun, only got 30 seconds. If done for even five seconds extra, my mind goes like “Why are you doing this to me? Can’t you just do as much as the app asks you to do? I will be ready only for that? I can’t take this torture!” Just five seconds extra!

Butt Kicks are somethings that make me laugh. What’s not there to laugh about? The name, the method, the effect. And my big butt jiggles with every kick. I think this is what they say about feeling like kicking yourself.

There is one exercise called The Child Pose. You kneel down and bend forward extended your arms as far as possible. All that I can think of while doing this exercise is what kind of a child does this? I try to remember seeing any child doing The Child Pose. Nope. Can’t think of having seen even one.

Oh, then there is fire hydrant, one set on the left and then right. I feel like a male canine peeing on anything it sees while doing this exercise.

But today, crunches took the cake. I lied down on my back to see my knees towering over me. Obviously, that is the position. But I had never seen my knees like that. They have always been below me, though part of me. The Twin Towers laughed at me. Or I thought so. But they are good people. They literally support all workouts.

After I was humbled by my knees, my mind thanked them for what I don’t know and I just moved on to do Pranayama. At least my mind lets me breathe peacefully.


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