The Culture of Scrambled Eggs

I have been reading John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars for quite some time now and have reached the point where Hazel Grace is fighting for the rights of the scrambled eggs.

For the uninitiated, Hazel Grace (the female protagonist of the story) hates that people eat scrambled eggs only for breakfast and not as any other meal given any day. Being an Indian, I couldn’t wrap my head around this discrimination against the eggs outside India. Why? We Indians eat scrambled eggs a.k.a egg burji along with any meal. Sometimes egg burji is the meal.

But if you think about it, the difference in the culture of the eggs is all in the name. Desi burji is available all the time, but not videshi scrambled eggs. As soon as eggs are scrambled and not burjied, they are given a limited availability distinction. Remember that fancy breakfast place, or that time when you planned for brunch? But when burjied, they are at the desi dhabas waiting at your beck and call.

I sometimes imagine myself throwing eggs at William Shakespeare when he asked-: “What’s in a name?”

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