My Work Space

It has been too long since I published a blog post. I was wondering where do I start from. As I was browsing through what I have posted earlier, I realised that it has been really really really really too long since the last proper blog post. I also realised that I too have changed as a person since my last blog. That’s when I decided to start from the beginning. That is, with my renewed introduction of myself.

So, I, Shwetha H S, work as a food technologist, especially, as a food safety professional in a food industry I do not wish to name for professional reasons. I live in Bengaluru, the city that was previously known as Bangalore. This is in India.

On a regular day, you can find me sitting in a BMTC bus, commuting to one of the food processing units assigned to me. I have been both lucky and unlucky with my job this way from the past two years. I have a job that I like and keeps me busy, but I don’t go to the same unit every day, and the commute takes a toll on me. It’s the traffic! If you are wondering about my sudden usage of the exclamation mark, please feel free to search on Google about Bangalore Traffic. You will be entertained for hours by the plethora of memes.

While commuting by the bus, I plug in my earphones with music playing on my phone and read a book. Nope, nothing to do with academics. Few of you would know that I am also a book reviewer. My book reviews go on We Read That Too.

Sometimes my commute ends with just the bus ride. Sometimes I have to get off the bus and get into a Metro rail to reach my destination. Somehow, I reach where I need to reach.

After I reach one of my assigned units, I go ballistic on food safety, quality, audits, HACCP and so on. People who are not in the food industry too can relate to these terms. I won’t go too much in detail about my work. I shall directly take you back to my home in the evening.

Once back home by the same means of transportation in the evening, by night on some days, I change and go for a jog. Even if I can’t, it doesn’t make much difference. I walk at least three kilometers a day. I jog for my own satisfaction.

After the jog, I freshen up and go to my small play zone. The entrance to this play zone is a revolving chair that opens up when I sit in it and touch the desk either with a laptop or a pen and paper. I choose with whom I wish to play. My playmates are the characters of the short stories and novels I am working on that evening. Once everyone assembles, we either play hide and seek or simply go on a roller coaster ride. The games and rides go on at least for an hour. Then I wish them goodnight and go to sleep.

My Work Space

My Work Space

Sometimes, I wonder if a fancy software to write on the laptop or whiteboard to plot the story will make my life easy. But then, I love the good old pen-paper style, and MS Word on my laptop is more than enough.

Just like any other writer with a full-time day job, my day starts the same next morning. Oh, did I tell you that I work on Saturdays too?

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