Meri 3 rupees waali Maggi

That means my Maggi of 3 rupees. Just like others tag it as “meri hostel waali Maggi” (my Maggi of hostel life), “meri camping waali Maggi” (my Maggi of camping days), “meri midnight waali Maggi” (my Maggi of midnight) and so on. So, when Maggi was being thrown out of India and everybody was posting their condolences, memes and debates, I thought for a while about My memories of Maggi and all I could think of was my Maggi of 3 rupees. No, Nestle had not announced a discount sale on Maggi before they were taken off the shelves. That was the most recent memory of Maggi I had. And what was it about?

Just a few days before a ban on Maggi was enforced in India, I had bought a double pack of Maggi which costs Rs.23. I gave the shopkeeper Rs.30 as I didn’t have exact change and it turned out that he, being a good person, didn’t give me Eclairs for Rs.7 and asked me to give Rs.3 later and gave me Rs.10 back. Soon, a ban on Maggi followed and I was left remembering Maggi. Not for being there for me when my mom prepared upma that I hate to eat, not for being there for me when I was in freezing temperatures of Ladakh, not for being there for me when I craved for something easy and delicious on lazy Sundays, but for Rs.3 that I had to give the good shopkeeper.

I know not if all those packets of Maggi which I consumed poisoned me or not. I enjoyed every strand of Maggi which left me with lip smacking taste, whether I ate it plain or with vegetable, or even scrambled eggs. At that point, nobody had an idea what Maggi had in it. We all simply enjoyed it. So, let’s bid farewell to Maggi that could never be prepared in 2 minutes. I secretly think this is the way karma works for telling lies about 2 minutes. I gave the shopkeeper Rs.3 as news channels flooded Maggi headlines. A total paisa wasool; to me, shopkeeper and news channels.

If you are looking for a moral in this blog, then no, it doesn’t have one. It doesn’t even have an opinion. This blog post is my tribute to Maggi, for being Maggi, for giving happiness to our taste buds at that moment when we ate it.

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